Visa będzie klepać…

27 lipca 2020
Visa będzie klepać stablecoiny na #ethereum ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

We’ve been advancing and evolving our digital currency strategy for quite some time. Last year we made an investment in Anchorage, a company building security infrastructure for the digital currency ecosystem. Our research team has been exploring the science of blockchain technology for several years. Their work has yielded several promising innovations, including Zether2 and FlyClient.3 Today their research is focused on new mechanisms to improve scalability and enable offline digital currency transactions.


We implement Zether as an Ethereum smart contract and show the practicality of our
design by measuring the amount of gas used by the Zether contract. A Zether confidential
transaction costs about 0.014 ETH or approximately $1.51 (as of early Feb, 2019). We
discuss how small changes to Ethereum, which are already being discussed independently
of Zether, would drastically reduce this cost.

#kryptowaluty #bitcoin

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